Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blog Anniversary, Personal Update

Today, it's been 3 years since I started blogging. I know I've been MIA lately, but I didn't want to go this blog anniversary go by unnoticed. So yeay, 3 years!

As most of you know, I've been unemployed last summer, due to he who shall not be named. A very long story, one that touched a lot of lives,throughout NL,  including mine.
I focused more on other hobbies in that time, and ofcourse on finding a new job. Which can be very depressing in this economy. Blogging was set aside for a while..which turned into a long while, haha.

The last few months, lots of stuff happened in our personal lives, but also with friends and family.
For example, Sid's front tooth broke off (on his birthday!?), our fridge broke down, as did both our bikes, and Loki had several emergency visists to the vet.
As aweful as it was, to almost loose my most beloved cat, all these things also cost a lot of money, and being unemployed, this didn't help on the depressing part.
I wasn't exactly in the mood for blogging, somehow makeup just doesn't seem that 'important' anymore, when people you know are in the hospital near death.

So I focused more on my books, which have been neglected a bit before, and tried to keep myself busy and positive, which wasn't always easy.

Anyway, it's december now, and thankfully, we have much more good news now.
Loki was finally healed after several close calls, and is doing great. He's back to his old cuddly self. It has been a scary few weeks, but he's doing really good and hopefully, will stay this way for many more yrs to come.

People got checked out of the hospital and are doing good, and other people at least are doing better and are seeing  developments in their situations.

He who shall not be named has -finally- met karma, and has lost his job. Unfortunately, a bit too late and many people lost his job because of him, but at least a little justice was served.
My excollegues all have other jobs now, so that's something positive aswell.

And...I've got a new job myself! I've been pretty busy with it, because we had to set up the whole store, it's all brand new. I also had to learn productinformation and such, and being around and talking to people all day at work, just didn't give me the right mindset to be online much.
I've got great collegues, and so far, I'm liking what I do :)

Right now, Sid's health is a bit low, he's been sent to the hospital for chest xrays by the doc, but they found nothing wrong there, so that was a big relief. He does have to get back to the doc for further tests, so we'll see what they find. At least his lungs and heart looked fine, which we've been worried about. He did have some bloodtestresults that were a bit off, so they are looking into that aswell. Maybe it's just because a lot of stuff is going around, and because of his diabetes, Sid gets sick pretty fast. Hopefully, it's nothing too serious.
*fingers crossed*

I'm still not in the right bloggingmood, but I might pick it up this month, or the next. I'm not sure if I'll go back to blogging 5 times a week or a bit more random. Maybe I'll just blog when I want to, or have the time for it, we'll see.
If you want to make sure you're getting the updates, just follow me on Bloglovin. Theres a button on the right, and it's the easiest way to stay up to date with blogs.

So there it is, an update and 3 years of blogging...
It's been great to read your comments, but even to see so many lurkers has made me smile. :)
It has been fun, and hopefully it will stay that way in the future.

Buhbye for now *waves*

Friday, November 2, 2012

My Halloween Look for Aurynween

Last weekend we went to Aurynween, the halloweenparty from Enchantra at the Auryn Beauty showroom.
Ofcourse we dressed up for this special occassion, but I totally failed at making pictures of our costumes and makeup.
I did make some pictures when we got home, but I didnt even lace up my corset because I just wanted to go to bed and I had been laced up all day.I had taken the corset off when we drove home. Also, apparantly I had been rubbing my eyes in the car, so my eyebrows are a bit smudged and my eyeliner has dissapeared on the inner eyecorners aswell.
Oh well, at least I took some, so you'll get the idea what I looked like.
This is going to be a picture heavy post!

I took this one with my phone while driving to the other side of the country, this is the only picture I have without smudged makeup:

Products used:
Heme Eyeshadowbase
Maybelline, Colour Tattoo, Infinite White
Maybelline, Colour Tattoo, Immortal Charcoal
Fyrinnae, Pixie Epoxy
Sugarpill Loose Powder, Junebug
Sugarpill Loose Powder, Weekender
Sugarpill, Loose Powder, Magpie
Sugarpill, Loose Powder, Stella (eyebrows)
Sugarpill, False Eyelashes, Shady Lane (upper lashes)
Barry M, Fine Glitter Dust, no 21
Barry M, Fine Glitter Dust, no 23
Barry M, Fine Glitter Dust, no 98
Inglot,  Eyeshadow 45
Essence, Liquid Ink, eyeliner
Sleek, Glitter Eyeliner, Gem
Gosh, Extreme Art Eyeliner, no 18
2True, Eyeliner Dazzlers, no 9
Nameless brand , false eyelashes, no 16 (cut in half on lower lashes)

And two I made with my phone on the way back home:

I think I started getting tred right after this one(at McDonalds), and started rubbing my eyes to keep awake.

On to the pics I made at home:

Ugh! Look a those brows! And that inner corner eyeliner! I didn't even see that on cam when I was taking them, damn I was tired! Oh well *shrug* Let's ignore them from now on ;)

I used Junebug, Weekender and Magpie on the moving eyelid, but for some reason it reflected as a greyish green *frowns*

 I absolutely adore these Sugarpill lashes, they were really comfortable:

The Barry M dusts that I used above my crese had awesome glitter in them.

The outfit:
A black longsleeve, because I'm always cold. ;)
A leather haltercorset thats laced at the sides and the back(I didnt lace it up here though, I was tired :p )
A fake leather bolero with ravenfeathers at the end of the sleeves (selfmade)
A fake leather skirt with ravenfeathers at the bottom (selfmade)
Black fake leather pixie ankleboots with buckles
Alchemy Gothic Raven necklace
Alchemy Gothic Ring
Real mink bone earrings by Elegant Curiosities
Ravenfeather and sequin hairband by Claires
Some hairextensions from my wedding.

Rest of the look:
Manhattan lipliner, purple
Lime Crime, Carousel Gloss, Kaleidoscope
Catrice, Unbeleaf'able blush

Wait, it's Halloween already? Oh no, I've got nothing to wear..

I seriously didn't know...

But it it's my favourite time of the year..

So let's partyyyyyyyy!!!!! ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9 yr Anniversary

We've had a bad luck period lately, and with Loki being really sick and all, I just haven't felt like blogging much. We'll see how it goes for here :)

So..... 9 years ago, my beloved decided he liked me lots, hahahaha.
I don't know how he got through 9 years with me, but let's hope he will get through lots more ;)

I don't really have pictures from our first years, because that harddrive crashed. But I did find some from our early years, so you can all have a laugh ;)

Happy Anniversary my beloved! W00p W00p!

Friday, October 5, 2012

EOTD: Autumn Eyes

Since weather has changed and it's become autumn almost overnight, I decided to play around with some autumncolours.

Products used:

-My Souvenir from Moon
-C'mon Chameleon!
-My first Copperware Party
-Heidi Plum
-Talk like an Egyptian

Manhattan, Kohl eyeliner, 66Q
Essence, Gellliner, London Baby

I tried every angle and every kind of lighting I had, but I couldn't get this one on cam as I wanted.
C'mon Chameleon! has this beautifull green sheen, that is completely gone on the pics, aswell as the glittery gold in the inner eyecorner. The colours are all washed out :(

I picked my colours, thinking about the falling leaves and fashioncolours for autumn. I think the plum goes really well with coppertones and green.

I used some brown gelliner, to give my lashes a bit more volume, without ruining the softness of the look.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NOTD: Rainbow Holographic Nails

In the summer, I like to wear holographic nailpolish, because it glitters and gives off rainbows and makes me happy :)
But since I have several holopolishes, it's a bit hard to decided which one I should wear.
So for once, I decided not to choose, but to use several, all at once!

Products used:
All nail lacquers by China Glaze:
Gr8, TMI, Hyper Haute, L8R G8R, DV8

The pink one is from a different collection, that's why it's not the same holo effect as the rest, but it's still really pretty.

Don't mind the cathair, my cats are weird, and always want to cuddle when I do my nails.

 In sunlight:

I really liked this mani, and I might even do it again somewhere in winter, just to cheer myself up :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

EOTD: A Velvet Vampire meets a Zombie Tramp in an Asylum

This time I tried to make a wearable EOTD with lots of red eyeshadows, and I think I succeeded!
It's such a shame I'm such a bad photographer, because these pics don't do this look justice.

Products used:

Fyrinnae, Velvet Vampire
Morgana Cryptoria, Zombie Tramp
Sugarpill, Loose Eyeshadow, Asylum
Catrice, Absolute Eye Colour, My First Copperware Party
Inglot, Eyeshadow, no. 86
Sugarpill, Pressed Eyeshadow, Bulletproof

I am definately going to us this combo of eyeshadows more often. The little line of Bulletproof made my lashes look just dark enough to not give it that crybaby look.

I really love how all these eyeshadows sparkle. For even more sparkle, I added some Inglot at the outer wing. This was hard to catch on cam, but with some bad lightning, I was able to catch the shift of the colour:

I just put on some Gosh Soft n Shine Aubergine and I have no idea what blush I used, lol. It's probably the Unbeleaf'able blush by Catrice (LE).

I really like how the red colours match the red part of my hair. Also, the red seems a bit muted, but with all the sparkle going on, it still had that special feeling to it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

EOTD: Brown and Gold

This is the EOTD I did on the exact date of our 4th weddinganniversary. We celebrated with cake and my beloved bought me 4 roses that were the exact same kind as I had in my weddingbouquet. He told me to dry these, which was really sweet, because my weddingroses couldn't be dried to preserve them. Probably because they had little skulls stuck into the hearts pf the roses with a bit of wire. So now I kinda have my weddingroses again :)

Products used:
Sleek Au Naturel palette
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Goldilux
Essence, Liquid Ink eyeliner

 I wanted to have neutral eyes with a twist. I think Goldilux gave that extra sparkle and the eyeliner shape gave it something special.

MY camera apparantly didn't focus well that day, but hey, you can see all the sparklies ;)

I really don't remember all the colours I've used, because it's been a while, but you can achieve this with all kinds of neutral browns.

 I curled my hair and put on some Chanel Fatale lipstick:

That's a Alchemy necklace and I'm wearing a dress by Sinister. It's black velvet with chiffon and lots of lace :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

EOTD: Blue Skies and Fluffy White Clouds

This EOTD was inspired by some new cobaltblue skinny jeans, that needed a matching eye.

Products used:

Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow, Tako
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Lumi
Sugarpill, Pressed Eyshadow, Afterparty
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow, Velocity
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Magpie
Catrice Gelliner, Nautica (LE)
Inglot Gelliner, 76

Lumi gave that bit of extra sparkle to make the look a bit special.

I really like the way that little bit of white gelliner below the wing, gives it some brightness and makes it less of an 80's blue eyshadow.

 One of the few pics where you can actually see that the Catrice gelliner is a dark blue, not black.

The contrast of the white and the bright blue, really make my eyes pop, dont you think?

Normally I'm not a big fan of blue, but this EOTD, I really liked :)